Monday, November 24, 2008

Sushi Soda Reunion

Would you like a Coke-with-no-ice or a Sprite?

You might recall that back at the end of April I got together with 2 friends from High school. One of which I hadn't seen in about 20 years. It was a great reunion and a great opportunity to drink so REALLY large Pepsis. Or were they Cokes? Hell, I always order them as a Coke-with-no-ice and I let the waitress (or waiter!) bring whatever they've got.

THAT reunion was held at Bennigan's...but they aren't around anymore.
In fact, I was saddened that they closed down the one we met at only 7 months earlier...

So instead, we met at an AWESOME Sushi buffet.
You read that right...all-you-can-eat fresh Sushi.
(I watched them make it...)

Full of Sushi?
Well, there was a 'hot bar' with all KINDS of cooked food.
All kinds of shrimp...all kinds of chicken...
(and of COURSE, the obligatory bowl of King Crab legs. That stuff is too much work for me to enjoy...)

The conversation was what you'd expect from a group of guys:
Gory Movies
Pro Wrestling
Heavy Metal music (we're almost 40)
the hot girls sitting at table 7...and their dorky girlfriends
Getting Engaged
Getting caught looking at the hot girls at table 7
Buying furniture (or NOT buying furniture, as the case was...)
How good the food was
How uncool it it to put sushi AND dessert on the same plate. (Rudy, please!)
The hot girl at table 9 with the big lips (FAKE!)
Who found the restaurant first, and how, and with who (well, SOMEONE had to find it!)
The really weird hand dyer in the Men's bathroom.

Here's the BEST part: we ate 3 plate fulls of food...1 plate full of dessert...drank as much soda as we could (JC drinks Iced Team. Excuuuuuuuuse me!)...and it costs us less than $40.00 each.

You read that right.

Soda IS good.
Reunions are just as good.
Reunions at inexpensive, high quality Sushi places are best.

Thanks Fellas!!!

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