Friday, November 28, 2008

Axl Rose uses a Lawyer to attack a Dr. (Pepper)

Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy is in stores. Did you get a free Dr. Pepper?

Despite an earlier post about Dr. Pepper offering a free soda to every American interested if the new GNR album debuted in 2008, front man Axl Rose is complaining that the give away did not go smoothly...and has sent his lawyer after the soda maker to make good.

You can read about the exchange of words here.
In short, the website that was supposed to fill orders for Free Dr. Peppers was 'down' often, due to the incredible response. Axl would have you believe that he is distressed for all of those who did not receive their free soda.

What a humanitarian, right?

Axl has showed up to his concerts HOURS late in the past, and several times has walked off stage before a show was complete. Did he immediately petition that is ticket-buying fans be compensated for their fraction of a show? No. Did he insist on refunds for all unsatisfied guests? No.

Dr. Pepper's inability to fulfill every American's wish for a free soda is inadvertently giving Axl Rose an opportunity to let his Lawyer do what Lawyer do best - seek out and bring in some cash. (in legalese, that's called 'seeking reparations'.)

It will be interesting to see how far Axl goes with the tirade, and how far Dr. Pepper will cave.

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