Monday, April 6, 2009

How much would you pay for a Pepsi or Coke T-Shirt?

The question isn't really so much 'what would you pay to OWN such a shirt'...but rather 'what would you pay to ADVERTISE them?

I went to Google and types 'Pepsi T-Shirt'.
Amongst the 1,470,000 finds were 2 'paid for' links at the very top.

One, called "Pepsi T Shirt on Sale" was a link to AllPosters. It DID have a nice collection of 9 Pepsi T-Shirts. Some were feminine, some were uni-sex. At least the link was honest.

The OTHER paid ad was called "Coca Cola T-Shirt" and it linked to
THAT's smart marketing.
You looked up PEPSI T-Shirts, and Coke made sure that THEIR shirts got seen before 1,476,999 other links had a chance to show off!

And Coke didn't stop at 'T-Shirts'! You hit the above link and you see ALL Coca Cola apparel.

OK, so let's try the opposite:
Let's go to Google and see the paid ads tied to 'Coca Cola T-Shirt'

3 paid ads:
the above Coca ColaStore link was #2.

#1 was "Coca Cola T-Shirt" at
This My Coke Rewards link SUCKS because it takes you to a page that you have to register to see!
This means you are paying top dollar to ensure that when someone is interested in SEEING your Coca Cola T-Shirt, they are going to instead see a sign that pretty much says 'enter your personal information first!'.
I would think it wiser, if you were going to PAY for the spot, to intentionally come in 2nd or 3rd. Let the customer see what they want for free on another site...and then register to use their Coca Cola points after they've gotten a taste (pun intended) of what they can have.

#3 out of 3 was a link called "T-Shirt" from
Not a damn drop of soda anywhere on this page!
Now, on one hand it may be SMART marketing. You said you were looking for a Pepsi or Coca Cola T-shirt...We've got T-Shirts!
But on the other just paid for a top spot while offering nothing of this specific customer's interest!

Did Pepsi have a paid link on this page?
Maybe they know that if you took the time to type "Coca Cola T-Shirt" then you probably are not looking for a Pepsi shirt?

So...who's the smart marketer here?
How much does it cost to pay for these spots, and does it yield a reasonable ROI?
I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't remember where to find the tool that let's you test Keywords and see what kind of 'budget' you are in for. But I DO recall that "Coca Cola" and "Pepsi" were not "cheap".

So, when you go on line to buy a T-shirt named after your favorite cola, do you look at the paid links first...or do you look for something 'cool' and 'different'?

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