Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Like Cola...and Dragon Gate...and...

This is the most amazing coincidence of the month.
For me, not for you.

As a Pro Wrestling fan, I'm always looking for something 'cool'. Well, a Japanese promotion called "Dragon Gate" will soon have an American branch called Dragon Gate USA.

Why am I telling you this?

Hang on. One of the more charismatic and successful members of the group...and currently the 'face' of this new arm of named 'Cima'.


Well, for a while Cima's theme music was...'I Like Cola'.

It's an awful tune...but see Cima and listen to 'I Like Cola' here.

Look at the Dragon Gate USA website here.
Cima is on the rolling Home Page under the banner 'Evolve'.


For MORE Cola-nuttiness, you need to now that when I was researching "I Like Coa" I came across a cola called 'Like'.

Yup, it's true.
See here. The commerical you are viewing is from 1983.

Whether you like Cola or not, you won't like Like Cola.
Apparently, no one did.

For more Cola info, go to Coke vs. Pepsi

For more Wrestling info, go to Full Contact

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