Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pepsi, Beyonce, Pink, Britney Spears - which goes down best?

What goes down the fastest...Pepsi, Beyonce Pink or Britney Spears?

Sure, I'm not proud of the title...but it's clever and I'm sure everyone has their own opinion as to what the right answer is!

Ok, the truth is I chose this topic today NOT because of my desire to portray 3 pop singers and a can of soda as porn stars, but rather to share the You Tube Video of Beyonce, Pink and Britney Spears in a rather cool Pepsi commercial.

If you like hot girls, cold soda and a good Gladiator-style setting, click here!

For other Gladiator-style battles between sodas, remember to visit our favorite Coke vs. Pepsi site!

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