Thursday, November 8, 2007

What happened to free refills?

So we go out for lunch today. I get a Reuben and my standard, Coke-no ice-lemon.
The waitress tells me they serve Pepsi here.
Hell, I don't care. I just want a cola that doesn't taste like Gasoline....

So we're more than half way thru lunch and it's hard to get the waitress' attention to BEGIN with...and all I want is a refill. Finally, falling just short of standing on the table and yelling 'YOO HOO! Over HERE!". I get her attention and the refill.

Soon after, we're ready for the check.
Not so suprisingly, that comes a helluva lot faster than the refill.

Geez...this bill looks a bit high. Not 'exorbitant', but still higher than I expected.
I take a quick glance at the check, and there it is:
They charged us for refills.

Look, if I order a BEER, I expect to get charged for each one.
Maybe a buy back if I'm sitting at the bar and I tip well.

But charge me for a SODA refill?!
What do these soda fountain drinks cost the restaurant per serving? A quarter? 50 cents?!
(Hey...seriously. If you own/run a restaurant and you know the answer, be sure to leave a comment!)

Traditionally, I do NOT return to a eatery if they charge me for refills on Fountain Soda.
I even felt 'beat' once because the waiter in Chili's talked me into a second bottle of Creme Soda and then charged me for it...but that was a bottled soda that he served me (I poured it myself, so I know!) so I sorta' gave him a pass.

But Fountain Soda Refills??!?!

It's back to Burger King for me. The refills are always free.

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