Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Soda Stream offers Free Shipping

...but Expensive!

Unless, of course, you make your own.

Don't scoff.
You COULD go out for breakfast every morning, or you can fry your own eggs and microwave some bacon, right?

You COULD go out for dinner every night, but that costs an arm and a leg!
That's why you cook, right?

Making your own soda with a reliable soda maker is a low cost way to get your favorite flavored beverage without leaving the house!  (So you don't spend extra for GAS, either. See?!?!?)

AND...when made right...soda made in house is healthier because it lacks the additives and chemicals that are used when mass-produced and then stored on shelves.

Would you like to make your own delicious, healthy soda?

This baby sits comfortably on your kitchen counter...like a blender or a coffee maker!

 But there are MANY to choose from!

And they all are Soda Makers that now feature FREE SHIPPING?
(Go ahead...click the link and see for yourself!)

Make yourself a sparkling water drink....flavor it as you wish...and enjoy the beverage right in your own home for nickels at a time!!!

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