Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Finally, Pleasant Mello Yello News

A can this nice looking should always come with an enjoyable experience.

But the last few times I blogged about Mello Yello, it was bad news.

Like the time I had one while Fishing.

Or the time I had one while helping a friend move.

When it got harder to find the soda here in the North East, I figured the problem was past me.

But as of late, I've been having a GOOD experience with my Soda nemesis.

A while back, Burger King put a new soda machine in their stores.
Instead of standard 4 or 8 sodas to choose from, you get a TON of flavors to choose from!
It's like a library of Soda Flavors!

See all the buttons?
And those buttons reveal MORE buttons!

I remember seeing this "kind" of machine in a Taco Bell in the past.
But it's here, in my neighborhood, and it's got...


...Mello Yello.

In FACT, it's got 3 flavors of Mello Yello!
Regular!  Peach!   Cherry!

And the "good"news, is that once a month my son and I go to Burger King and I get myself a nice tall Mello Yello  (regular)...and I don't get sick.

Welcome back, my yellow friend!

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