Saturday, January 26, 2008

1 Video Game plus 1 Soda Equals Mountain Dew Game Fuel

Where have I been?! Back in August Mountain Dew released a flavor that has as much punch as a Sci Fi Video Game!

Mountain Dew has released "Game Fuel"...the soda that gives you some extra power while you play Halo or Guitar Hero or whatever you are putting in your X-Box 360 these days. I found a great 'Hub Page' on it here.

The extra caffiene will allow you to play Halo 3 all night and into the morning! According to EnergyField, A 20 ounce bottle of Mountain Dew Game Fuel contains 120 milligrams of caffeine. That's a bit more than the already caffeine-heavy Dew.

This version of Mountain Dew is a limited edition, and is part of a marketing effort for the Halo 3 game for Xbox 360. (in fact, if you don't reacognize it, the bottle label contains a picture of Halo 3.)

Flavor is said to be 'citrus-cherry'. Some refer to it as 'far too cherry'.
I read a prety humorus review of the soda at Digital Monkey.

I don't play Halo 3, so I'm not sure I have to run out to see if I can still find this soda.
But who knows? If it will help me play Guitar Hero better, I'll give it a shot...
See if there is a flavor similar to Mountian Dew's Game Fuel on the Jones Soda 'Ever' site.

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Recipe Clipper said...

Talk about targeted marketing! I wonder why they chose cherry - any ideas?