Saturday, January 5, 2008

Coke and Pepsi Fist Fight! (WWE, MMA, UFC...not!)

This story circulates every once in a while. A Coca Cola delivery man and a Pepsi delivery man meet up in a parking lot and inevitably one beats the snot out of the other.

A friend recently shared a blog entry with me (not one from here) about the subject. Maybe you've read it?

It's always good for a chuckle...although truthfully I don't see how Bruce Lee is a reference here. It was a punch, not a Karate chop.

You Tube is good for the famous Coca-Pepsi fist fight commercial -

(this commercial is shown often at the Coke vs. Pepsi lens -

It's time for Coke and Pepsi to each sponsor a Mixed Martial Arts/UFC tournament. Let these 2 teams REALLY beat the hell out of each other, and see who's really tougher.

(I would be willing to sponsor it on my full contact site:

Of course, that's just MY twisted view...

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