Thursday, January 3, 2008

Coke and Pepsi and Cassettes

You can buy 15 Rock Cassettes on eBay...but not until we talk Pepsi and Coke.

So, look here:

If you go to you can find cassettes of Pepsi jingles. Really! Maybe there are some you haven't heard before...or in a while...or....

Oddly, a Google search does NOT turn up information on casettes of Coca Cola jingles. Why is that odd? Well...previous posts in this humble blog have proven that Coca Cola generally generates more searches per item for Coke than for Pepsi. Sure, there must becassettes of Coca Cola jingles SOMEWHERE...but after page '2' of Google listings I gave up looking. Sorry Coke.

OK, so why does a Soda blog talk about Cassettes?
Because I work hard on this blog and today I need to unload some of my beloved Rock Music.

Where, you ask?
On eBay I amswer.
Right here:

Asia, Rush, Cheap Trick, Lee Aaron, Waylon, Willie and many more!

Sure, we can wonder which ones drink Coke and who prefers Pepsi. And perhaps we will...soon. But what good would such an essay do if you don't first look over the listing and get a good feel for who's on it. (I mean, you wouldn't care if Michael Bolton drank a Coke or Pepsi unless I bought it up first. Don't worry. He isn't on the list.)

So pour yourself a soda...anyone will do..and puruse a 15-tape list of rock music cassettes that you very much want to bid on. Really!

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