Friday, May 2, 2008

Pepsi Points?! How about Pepper Products!

Some of my friends drink Coke; the others drink Pepsi. But ALL of the them have cups filled with bottle tops, hoping ot earn enough points to get a free soda or a free six back or a free Mariah Carey CD or...

In fact, Pepsi and Coca Cola have been pushing their 'collectables' for years! For GENERATIONS! You can find all kinds of unique Pepsi and Coca Cola collectibles on eBay, and the most 'recent' ones are regularly updated at

But as a Dr. Pepper drinker (my GrandMa turned me on to it YEARS ago!) I used to lament that there were no collectibles for me to admire.

Until now...!

Tool around on Squidoo some more and you'll see the Dr. Pepper Collectibles lens! YEAY!!!!! Who knew there were so many??!!

You can even find an Indiana Jones collectible Dr. Pepper can! HOW COOL!

Find all kinds of Dr. Pepper Apparel at MySimon!

A whole HOST of Dr. Pepper stuff can be found at Giftopolis!

It's not only "OK" to be a you can WEAR Dr. Pepper stuff, COLLECT Dr. Pepper soda cans and SHOWCASE Dr. Pepper antique soda bottles! How cool is THAT?!

Pepsi Points?! No thanks. ANYone can get those!
I'm a Pepper...wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?!

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