Thursday, July 3, 2008

Beverages Direct Super List bats .500

I was looking for a list of 'Eneergy Drinks', since they have been the rave as of late. (Do you know I have not tried a single one? It's true. I'm already pretty wound up. I don't think extra caffeine and/or sugar is going to do me any good.)

In my studies, I came across a website called Beverages Direct.

I don't think I've ever seen a longer list of non-major-brand-beverages all on one page!

HOWEVER...I did some spot checking and I found a little less than half of the items on the list are 'Out of Stock' (like Jeff's New York Egg Cream...which sounded especially yummy) or even had a blurb that said 'No Products Available' (Like Jolt Cola. They still make Jolt, right?!)

So it's a pretty impressive list...and will give you a great opportunity to check into some brand names you might not have heard of before. (Did you know there is a Big Red soda?! It tastes like Bubble Gum, not Cinnamon gum...but Beverages Direct has it. I found out there is a '!' soda too, but they don't have any products listed under the heading...)

So think of Beverages Direct as a trip to the arcade. Some games work, some don't. But you'll find some classics and some all-new things you didn't know existed!

Remember to go to Coke vs. Pepsi to read up on the more 'traditional' Colas...

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