Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pepsi Claims the World's Heavyweight Title

Sure, you hate it when I talk Pro Wrestling...but this one was too obvious to pass up.

Last night on WWE's "Monday Night RAW", CM Punk won the Heavyweight Title. Why sis this soda-worthy? Because those who know Punk know he is an avid Pepsi drinker.
(as evidenced in my previous blog post, here.)

Pro Wrestling fans - if you have only learned about CM Punk through watching the WWE, you missed out on his best work to day! Find all the work he did with Ring of Honor and you'll see that he was a SUPER star there.

Soda drinkers - the Pepsi Challenge lives on! Is this a tounge-in-cheek way of saying Pepsi is the king of sodas? Has Pepsi toppled Coca Cola? Is the traditional soda still more lovable than the current rash of energy drinks?

Coke and Pepsi continue to slug it out at www.Squidoo.com/CokevsPepsi

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