Thursday, July 24, 2008

Killer Coke 0, Killer Pepsi 2

I've checked all over Google and all over the Killer Coke website, and I have yet to find an update on the New York City protest. Maybe 3 people showed up, maybe 30...but I am guessing there were not enough people to garner any kind of reaction from the press.

Speaking of the press, It's my personal opinion that Barach Obama gets MUCH more press coverage than John McCain...but I've always found the press to be incredibly liberal. Both offer a pretty good Soda.

Ok, back to Cola and Killers.
(Great band, by the way, but not relevant to this discussion...)

Despite not being able get much information on the recent endeavor by KillerCoke, I did find two YouTube videos featuring Killer PEPSI!

You can find Killer Pepsi...the revenge story, here.

You can find Killer Pepsi Clown here.
(Damn Clowns. They're scary even when they aren't trying to be scary! In fact, Wikipedia has a listing for 'Evil Clowns'. What does THAT tell you?!)

I'm going to try to reach out to Killer Coke to see what transpired on Tuesday, but if you see a CLown coming after you with a Pepsi really oughta run!

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