Monday, July 14, 2008

Drink a Soda with John McCain!

Last month, here on Soda is Good, I announced that
Jones Soda was offering soda cans adorned with the likenesses of Barach Obama, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton.

I didn't put any real 'push' behind any particular candidate, but it seemed that Mr. Obama led the league in "sodas consumed by supporters".

(The original blog post, which has gotten a lot of traffic at this blog, can he seen here.)

But what does this say about Cola drinkers? Are they particularly supportive of the Democrat Change Agent? Or maybe die hard Republicans are just too busy to order a cola online?

Maybe John McCain supporters perfer Coca Cola? Or Pepsi?

Perhaps McCain supporters just prefer to open up a can of Whupass?!

Perhaps the McCain versus Obama debate is not much different than the age old 'Coke versus Pepsi' battle?

McCain supporters, prove me wrong! Grab yourself a can of McCain Cola from Jones Soda and show your support! Don't be one of a million uncounted votes!

This campaign cola message was brought to you by Coke versus Pepsi, and we approve of this message. By contrast, we do NOT approve of you who purchased Ron Paul campaign cola. Yes, I'm serious. Ron Paul campaign cola...

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