Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Killer Coke - a Strike and a Protest

I was supposed to blog about this LAST week but I got caught up!
If you live in New York, you still have an hour to do your part.

What am I talking about?

*Gasp* *Pant* Ok, let me slow down.

There is a website called KillerCoke.
This site is dedicated to stopping the murders and kipnappings...along with other violence, mind you...of Union Leaders involved with the Coca Cola bottling plants in Columbia, South America.

If you check out the website, you'll see there is some serious isht going on there!

Well, at 3:00 today, Teusday July 22nd, the folks at KillerCoke are organizing a protest at at 711 5th Avenue, New York City. The protest begins at Coca-Cola and will later march to Oxy Petroleum, which is located 1230 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 800, New York City (between 48th & 49th Streets).

I couldn't find any information on why they are not down with Oxy...but if you are a large Oil concern in South America you're probably doing something uncool...

In talking about the effort to get the attention of two of Coca-Cola's top policymakers and serve on Coke's board of directors, the website mimsspells the last name of Coke's former Preident and COO . I don't know how badly this will affect their credibility. I mean, if you've got the address right you're off to a good start.

(Of course, if you think you have a clever sign that says "Die Donald Deough!" your clever alliteration will be less than humorous. In fact, the people INSIDE the building will be saying 'Donald WHO?!?!?'. The correct spelling of his last name is here.)

I will certainly monitor the KillerCoke website and report back tomorrow with any results they share...but if you attend the rally (or has a friend that does) please leave comments and let us know what transpires!

This blog is often brought to you by Coke vs. Pepsi....but it seems today Coke has a biger fight on it's hands than Pepsi!

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