Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jones Soda vs. Red Bull

You know, I don't really like a lot of the 'home made' stuff I see on YouTube. I mean, while it's nice to see a new media that almost anyone can access and share, a lot of it turns out looking like a 4th grader's homework assignment.

Much of it IS a 4th grader's homework assignment.

But I found something today that I REALLY liked.
It's a table-top 'battle' between Jones Soda and Red Bull.
The cans and bottles move across the table almost seamlessly, and fight to the finish!
Imagine...bottles of uniquely labeled Jones Soda, versus cans of the sleekly packaged silver-and-blue Red Bull.

You can watch the Flavorful Fist Fight here.

And, in fairness to both competitors, let me share an interesting tidbit on each.

You can read an in depth study on why Red Bull is as stimulating, artistic and historical as Origami here. (Yup, one's a drink and one is an art....but they are the same!)

You can see the Limited Edition Seattle Seahawks Jones Sodas here.
(Sounds nutty, but it's really cool!)

You can see the Coke vs. Pepsi lens, which features ALL Things Soda, here.

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