Monday, October 8, 2007

Go Shopping, buy Soda Stuff

Feeling that perhaps this blog leans towards Coca Cola, I thought I'd go to Google and look for something on the first page of a 'Pepsi' search that interested me.

I found this:
A place to shop for all things Pepsi.

But then I said "Hmmm...I wonder if there is the same thing based on Coca Cola products?"
And sure enough, there is this:

Now, as much as I enjoy drinking Pepsi...I think the Coca Cola store is MUCH more professional looking. Just my opinion.

I looked around some more.
You can go to the Mountain Dew Store...but you won't see a big Green Can waiting for you. That's not so cool in my book.

There's a Dr. Pepper Store, too. See here:
Now THAT looks pretty sharp!

OK, last one...RC Cola Store: BZZZZZZNT! No such luck.

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