Monday, October 29, 2007

Pepsi, Coca Cola Cans for Sale. Empty, of course.

OK, so a friend and I are working on an idea involving a Garagae Sale. Nevermind what the idea is. If you ever see a blog called GarageSalesAreGood you can assume it's me. Untill then, just accept that the idea is the seque into this blog posts.

So, I'm on Google and I am thinking 'How do I parlay this idea into a blog post on my Soda blog?' Because you all know how much I like to write about soda. Right?

Well, just for fun I search "Garage Sale"+"Pepsi".

And there it is. Some dude has a website advertising the empty soda cans he has for sale.
ANd he's not ANY dude...he's a Brew dude. It's true! Ask him!

Now, in fairness to said dude, the cans area all collectible. They're also kinda' cool.

I've never met Brew Dude. but when I saw his site, I saw 3 things that immediately caught my eye:
1) Coca Cola
2) Pepsi
3) Mountian Dew

When your blog is called "SodaIsGood" then you only need those 3 things to get your eye caught!

Anyway, he seems like a good guy with some good soda cans, so check it out here:

You can also be sure hat this Soda Can Sale will appear on the Coke vs. Pepsi lens, here:


KIPP said...

Pepsi vs Coca Cola

The Middle East is one of the few places where Coke is pushed into second place. How does its strategy compare to rival Pepsi?

Selena said...

Good post.

AsiaVoss said...

Thanks for the kind words, hon! :)