Friday, October 12, 2007

I just got a Vault...Coca Cola

OK, so you already know that I eat fast food about 4 times a week, and you know I pay attention to the soda machine as I lug my empty 'medium sized' cup over to it. For the last few weeks, it's usually been the same thing: Coca Cola w/a dash of Dr. Pepper (when available) if I'm i a burger joint, and a hybrid of Mountain Dew and Sprite when I'm at Taco Bell or Arby's.

So yesterday I go to White Castle, and what's this new beverage on the line? Vault?! I heard of Vault..but isn't that like Red Bull or something? No? OK, let me give it a taste...

oooooh that's sweet! I don't sweet like "Wow, I got a $1,000 bonus! SWEET!" I mean more like "Wow! I can feel my teeth rotting! Sweet...."

Buutttt, I suppose if I cut it with Sprite It would be good, right? It works with Mountain Dew...

Mmmmm...much better!

Alright, so I figure that's my introduction to Vault.
But WAIT! Today I go to BK for lunch, and what's THIS on the soda machine?!
(Holy crap! This thing is everywhere!)

Well, not much to tink about today: 75% Sprite, 25% Vault, and I'm off to eat my Chicken Sandwich (garnished with Tomato and Onion Rings, thank you!)

Don't get me wrong...I can't honestly say that Vault has replaced Mountain Dew as my favorite Greenish-Yellowish Caffininated Beverage...but cutting it with Sprite is OK when offered!

This weekend, I'll have to remember to add Coca Cola's Vault to my lens:


Anonymous said...

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AsiaVoss said...

Hiya, Darvin.

Vault is pretty good stuff. I'm sure you drink a lot more of it than i do...when I do drink it i like it. There are soem other posts here on the blog about Energy Drinks, and I agree they are a rising-and-growing part of the beverage market.

Drink Much and be Merry!