Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Hate Peas...and Pepsi A.M. is no prize either.

A friend was telling me about a failed experiment in the 70's to get kids to eat Peas by shaping them like French Fries. The product was called "I Hate Peas" and it failed miserably.

He pointed me to an article on that listed 8 failed foods. I Hate Peas was #2. (Reddi Bacon was #3, if you are curious).

Actually, you can find the page here.

As I scrolled down the list, I found:

"7. Pepsi A.M.
Creating a super-caffeinated soda worked well for the makers of Red Bull, but not for the folks at Pepsi. With 25 percent more caffeine than a cup of Joe, PepsiCo introduced the cola-flavored product in 1989, only to discover that most people just couldn't bring themselves to drink soda with their cornflakes. For those who wanted a Pepsi in the morning, regular Pepsi did just fine, thankyouverymuch.
Pepsi A.M., like the coffee-flavored Pepsi Kona before it, was scrapped after just a few months."

Where have I been? I used to get naseaus every morning that my brother cracked open a can of Coke...but to find out that Pepsi considered marketing it as a Coffee alternative?!?!?

Wikipedia defines Pepsi AM as "Contains more caffeine than a regular Pepsi and marketed as a morning drink. - No longer produced."

A Google search doesn't show too much else. There are a bunch of Blog posts that mention Pepsi AM, but none too kindly. (adn they usually make the same-breath comparison to Pepsi Kona - the Coffee-flavoured cola. I'll address THAT one in my next post).

Listen, really. How badly do you want to burp when you first get up in the morning? I don't drink Coffee, so I don't understand it's appeal as a Morning Beverage...but a COLA? Belaughghg.
I don't begin the process of teeth-rotting until lunch time.

Remember to keep up with the Cola Wars here.

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