Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Does Billy Joel prefer Coke or Pepsi?

It was so much fun looking into whether the Beatles would prefer to sip down a Coca Cola or a Pepsi (see blog entry here), that I decided to put the test to another icon.

The Piano Man himself, Billy Joel.

At a quick glance, it's not easy to see what Mr. Joel prefers. After all, I've never seen him along side Michael Jackson, Elton John or Paula Abdul in a soda ad.

SO, I went over to my one-size-fits-all problem solver.

Here we go: Type "Billy Joel"+"Pepsi" and find 164,000 pages
Now, Type "Billy Joel"+"Coca Cola"...136,000 pages.

WOW! Coke FINALLY gets it butt beaten by Pepsi!

But wait! 2 things occur to me:
1) the articles do not talk very much about the Piano Man drinks and
2) Billy Joel played some BIG shows at the Pepsi Arena... so Pepsi gets the plug on these pages.

But what does he DRINK?

Let's try something else: "Billy Joel"+"Drink"
Nope, nothing here I can use.

How about "Billy Joel"+"Coke"
uhghgh...this can't be good.
He refers to a 'spoon up your nose' in Big Shot, but that's not a testamen to his OWN preference!

I've got nuthin'.
If you picked Pepsi...You May Be Right.
And even if he prefers Cocal's Still Rock n' Roll to me.

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