Monday, August 20, 2007

Pepsi's Taste in Music is 'Jazz'

So the wife comes home with a few bottles of soda.
They were only .99 each, so she thought she'd try something new.

"Pepsi Jazz"

"It's Cherry Vanilla flavour!" she tells me.

OK, but I notice something really NOT cool on the label: It's Diet.
Now, in fairness, there IS a non-diet version of Pepsi Jazz...she just didn't bring it home.

Well, I figure at .99 a bottle I can spill it right down the drain if it's that horrible, so I pour myself a glass.

It...was...pretty good!
And I don't LIKE Diet Soda!

Jazz really IS Cherry Vanilla flavoured, and it barely has that 'Diet Soda AfterTaste' that I hate so much!

Being a musicain, I can appreciate Jazz.
Being a soda drinker, I can even STILL appreciate Jazz.

Try it.
You just might like it.

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