Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fresca...as good as the Real Ting

Last month we were sitting around, planning a barbeque.
We didn't want to make the same drinks and the same burgers as everyone else.

Some recommended that I serve Run-and-Ting.


"Yeah!" he exclaims. "It's that soda from Jamaica. You never hard of Ting?!"

So, I look it up...and sure enough, it exists.
Grapefruity, cirtusy....yummy.

Yeah, well, I can't recall seeing Ting for sale anywhere in THIS town...and I don't feel like ordering a case from the manufacturer just to get the shipping cost down to $12.80.

"How about Fresca?" his wife suggests. "Isn't that really similar?"

AH! Fresca! I remember that stuff!
YEARS ago, I used to go on vacation with my grandparents, and the soda machine in the hotel always offered it. And I always DRANK it, because it was the only place I ever SAW it! (My Dad was a Pepsi drinker. My Mom drank Tab. That's how old I am. Tab cola...just 1 calorie...)

Fresca is a citrusy, grapefruity soda! And they have it right here in (enter favorite grocery store here)!

So we bought Fresca and I brought out the Rum and we drank.
And I crank until I fell down, but I really DID trip over the chair that I didn't see.

And it was good.

So just this past Sunday, we're at my brother-in-law's house having a BBQ. Real low key. Just a few of us guys and the wives and some hot dogs. (We ate the Hot Dogs. They weren't hanging out with us or anything like that).

Henry showed up an hour late. Well, that's Henry. He's got a bag with him.
In the bag are 2 can of Red Beans he wants to cook.
And a bottle of Fresca.

"Here, bro." he says, handing me the bottle. "No rum tonite, but I thought you'd like some Fresca."

Oh...I did!
Good soda, great memories.

Quick! It wouldn't be the Coke vs. Pepsi blog if I didn't ask: Fresca - Coke or Pepsi product?!

Give up?
According to the Wikipedia entry: "Fresca is a brand of citrus soft drink made by The Coca Cola Company."

Did you guess right?
Maybe if I had paid more attention to the OTHER soda cans in the soda machine all those years ago, I would have known the answer, too...

Don't forget to visit www.Squidoo.com/CokevsPepsi/

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