Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The History of Coca Cola persists here...

Another friend of mine has started reading this blog, and reminded me that I'd want to show off the AMAZING Coke Museum in Atlanta:

There is a Pepsi museum in New Bern, NC...but it's not the collossal structure (in size, magnitude or visitors) that the Coke museum is. In fact, whilePepsi may have been 'discovered' in New Bern (more on that in a later entry) they are actually HQ'd in Purchase, NY...and that city doesn't hold a 'big' Pepsi museum, either.

Not enough Pepsi collectibles or Pepsi collectors?

Again, this isn't a testament as to which is 'better'...just an observation of which does more to support the history, and those who follow it.

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