Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dr. Pepper Museum! Lest we not forget...

OK, so I love to force the debate of Coke vs. pepsi.
But what about that spicy-cherry-flavored Dr. Pepper?
Which one is THAT?

Well, neither, ding-dong.
Dr. Pepper is owned by Cadburry Schweppes.

Ok, well, if there is a Coca Cola Museum and a Pepsi there a Dr. Pepper Museum?

Oh, there most certainly is! See here:

In fact, if you type "Dr. pepper" in Google, it's the #4 entry!
(Quite coincidentally...if you search 'Coca Cola' in Google, the Coke museum comes comes up #4 here, too! If you search'Pepsi'...well, I gave up at #32. No love for the Pepsi Museum!)

So drink your Dr. Pepper with pride today.
It's got a museum that it's proud of (in Waco, Texas!) and a taste neither Pepsi nor Coke have duplicated perfectly!

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