Monday, August 27, 2007

Quick! Fanta - Coke or Pepsi product?!?!

Today I had lunch at Burger King. I went small - Whopper, just pickles and ketchup...small fries...small soda.

I'm standing at the Soda machine and I almost ALWAYS get a Doctor Pepper at Burger King.
But as I reach for a cup cover I see a drink that catches my eye.


My mind goes into a spin. "Fanta? Is that a Coke product? Hmmm...Doctor Pepper isn't a Coke product. Neither is Nestea. Is Fanta one of those Independent sodas? Aw maaaan...."

You see, once you start blogging about Soda, you think about it more and more.
Which COULD be considered weird, but...

So I get home and I go onto Wikipedia and do some research.
Before the answer poops up, I close my eyes and try to get the guess right.

I say..."independent soda".

I am wrong.

Fanta is a Coke product. And while the Burger King on Route 9 only carried 'orange', it turns out that they offer over 70 flavors world wide...however, most of them are only available in some countries. Don't believe me? Click here.

In my head, I hear those Hispanic women singing "Fanta...dontcha wanta?!?!". Well, they did in that preview before SpiderMan 2...but that was a few years ago.

Head spinning, I wonder is Pepsi has over 70 citrus flavors available overseas?
I..uh...hmmm...Geez, I dunno. I don't THINK so.

And then it occurs to me...
...Who Cares? I don't drink Organge Soda, really.
Maybe once a year, just to see if I like it any better this year than last.

I pop the lid on my Doctor Pepper as the girls since "Fanta...dontch wanta?!?"
I don't, really, but apparently 70 foreign countries do.

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