Monday, May 5, 2008

Lindsay Lohan and Coke. Not scandalous.

Take a big gulp. Lindsay. That 'other' Coke has done nothing positive for your career...unless you like having candid photos of you in car accidents plastered all over the plce.

I'm not a fan of Lindsay Lohan at all. I mean, I'm a guy, so I wouldn't exactly throw her out of bed...but her acting, singing and modeling are incredibly average as far as I'm concerned.(although I kinda liked the Marilyn Monroe stuff she didn. But shen you think about her age it's kinda' creepy).

It's worse for me than for many of my friends because I have an 8 year old daughter, so Disney will often throw the pre-drugs/pre-sex Lohan on as a rerun and I'll have to endure 2 more hours of her.


Actaully, I probably wouldn't be altogether disgusted with her if it wasn't for her spending almost all of 2007 coked up and inebriated behind the wheel of an SUV. In other words, I'd have SOME respect for her acting if she wasn't spending all of last year acting like a drugged up loser.

People who throw promising careers away so they can induldge in drugs don't deserve the accolades, notoriety and press that comes with 'celebrity'.

BTW, if you are a pre-teen girl reading this and whining 'oh, she only made 1 mistake and she went thru rehab and now she's OK again!' then you are reading the wrong blog. 2 weeks of rehab in the Hollywood Hills where you can check yourself out at will is not my idea of rehab. My brother was in rehab in the heart of Pennsylvania...

Anyway, let me tie this to Soda.

If you go to Google and type "Lindsay Lohan" + "Pepsi", you get very little in return that is relevant.

If you type "Lindsay Lohan" + "Coca Cola", you again get more hits, but it's not incredibly relevant to soda.

But ype "Lindsay Lohan" + "Coke" and you get PAGES of content...unfortuantely, it's the wrong kind of Coke. Bad for a soda blog. Bad for an acting career.

HOWEVER, the 2 photos above came from the Linday-plus-Coke search. So I guess Coke really IS it!

Keep drinking Cola, Linday. Maybe if the paparazzi find you less interesting then you'll get some acting gigs again...

In the meantime, visit our friends at Coke vs Pepsi

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