Wednesday, May 14, 2008

India finds Soda by Accident?

I use Google Analytics to keep tack of the meager traffic I get here.
(Editor's note: I COULD have said that i uze it to keep track of the OVERWHELMING traffic I get here..but find honesty is the best policy).

Anyway, I noticed sometehing unusual today: 11 individuals from the the country of India have come to this blog...but they all spent (apparently) less than 1 second on the page.

So, logic says they clicked on a link, got to me and said (in a thick Indian accent) "Oh NO! This is not very good!" and left.

Oh well. Soda happens.

But since it caught my attention, I thought I would dedicate today's post to the marriage of Soda and India.

You might recall that in the early half of this decade, Coca Cola was accused of using unpure water in their bottling plant in India. You can read a 2008 update from the CokeFacts website here.

HOWEVER, apparently the locals are still unhappy...and protesting!

Wikipedia chronicles the deaths in an Indian Coca Cola plant here.

Depressed? Ok, take a time out and watch this Coke:India commercial on You Tube.

It's not much better for Pepsi.
In mid 2007, BusinessWeek wrote about Pepsi trying to repair it's reputation in India.

Take a time out from this article to watch a "Pepsi India" vid on YouTube.

You like that one? Ok, here is a rather peppy one to add to your colelction.

A google search did NOT reveal ANY articals discussing India compaling about Jones Soda. Doesn't India know that Jones is considered the "Coolest Soda Ever"?!
Sadly, there were no articles bragging about SALES of JOnes Soda in India, either.
Indiana, maybe., but not India.

BTW - here is a groovy, psychedelic YouTube vid of Jones Soda bottles dancing about on the sidewalk.

So what have we learned today?
India hates Pepsi
India hates Coke
India is not too impressed with Jones Soda
India is not too impressed with this blog.

For things that WILL impress you about Soda, go visit our friends at Coke vs. Pepsi

Thanks for your time, and Namaste'

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