Monday, May 19, 2008

Soda Break - the Charity of eCommerce

This space is generally reserved for my thoughts and ideas on Soda.
(By the at Taco Bell I broke away from my usual 75% Mountain Dew-25% Sprite combination to drink a Cherry Coke. Actually, my burito was REALLY spicy and I "refilled"...a practice I try to avoid because Cocal Cola makes me burp. A Lot!)

HOWEVER - a friend of mine has undertaken a project that I think is worthwhile and downright 'neat'...and since she likes Soda also, I am using this otherwise hallowed ground to talk about her.

You'll need to go to to follow along. Go there, look around, then come back and read this. allows customers to raise money for their favorite school or non-profit organization…just by shopping!

Now you can raise funds for your favorite school or non-profit organization AND save yourself money while you shop on line, thanks to this new online retailer.

What’s unique about Funds for Us’ approach to fundraising is that every item listed on the website offers a “donation value,” allowing the customer to see exactly how much money from their purchase will be donated to the designated beneficiary.

At the checkout process, customers are given a choice of where they want Funds for Us to send the donation. (Donation values range as high as 25% on several items.) Charity choices include local school programs, animal rescue organizations, social service and environmental groups nationwide.

This innovative website serves as a one-stop source for consumers who want to quickly and easily locate high quality products online while feeling good about their purchase.

“Shopping through Funds for Us helps raise money to assist non-profit agencies who make life better for people, animals, and the environment…and we feel that it helps enhance the shopping experience for the customer as well.” states Jason Colarchik, Director of Sales and Marketing. “We believe that each purchase you make is a vote about how you want the world to be. We hope to help children and adults alike to vote wisely by providing information about causes they may not have even known existed.” sells a variety of products in a wide range of categories, including home furniture and decor, office and pet supplies and garden and gift items. New products are added regularly. The business hopes to position themselves as one of the largest one-stop retail websites that produce the highest donations available.

Site visitors can search for products by price, leading brands or donation values. “We are always encouraging schools and non-profits to register with our site. It is simple, provides no obligation and doesn’t cost them a thing. After they register, they can begin earning funds immediately and will be sent checks on a monthly basis.“ states Colarchik.

Based in Milwaukie, Ore., Funds for Us is a small privately-owned, family owned business with one simple goal in mind: to provide premium products that help benefit worthy causes while offering small-company customer service superior to that found at leading ecommerce sites.

“Too often, a sales experience is ruined by poor or non-existent customer service.” Colarchik explains. “We make you feel good from start to finish. We offer high quality products, we offer the ability to make donations to fabulous charities, and we provide the highest level of customer service.”

For more information about the company or to purchase products, please visit

...and do't forget to visit the BEST site of Coke vs. Pepsi:

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