Friday, May 9, 2008

A&W Float...almost spells "Awful"

Ok, so you know my 7 year old likes Root Beer. I bring that up a bit here.
(Like, here.)

So my wife could not resisst when she saw a 4-pack of A&W's "Float" in Target.
(YAY! Target! They sell EVERYTHING!)

Well, the 7 year old liked it. A lot.
The adults were less than impressed.

I'd be inclined to describe it like this: It tased like someone took a bottle of root beer, poured some melted ice cream into it, and then sealed the bottle.

It wasn't "Gawd Awful", but it wasn't refreshing. It wasn't bubbly. It wasn't really tasty. It was sweet. In a 'won't quench your thirst' kind of way.

But while I am an expert on Soda I am not the ONLY opinion in the blosphere.

Observations from the Short Bus has this to say about the A&W Float.

AV Club Taste Test reported results here

Chef Talk makes a mention of it here.

And the Soda Gallery...which is ALMOST as big an authority on soda as I am ! LOL! ... talks it up here.

I realize Root BEet is an acquired taste, but as a good friend once put it: I don't see anything redeeming about putting Ice Cream in soda to begin with...I certianly don't see the point of MIXING it in!

Well, the Seven year old likes it.
I imagine Target will be pleased.

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