Friday, November 9, 2007

Christmas Shopping? How about Christmas Soda?

Sigh...what do you buy your Mom on Christmas? In the last5 Christmases, You've already bought her jewelry, flowers, an apron, pajamas and iron, right?

Wait, your Mom is hosting Christmas this year, right? And she's going to need to serve stuff, right? What about Christmas Flavored soda?

And not just ONE flavor...FOUR flavors!

Jones Soda offers a 2007 Christmas Pack! The Four flavors include Christmas Ham Soda, Christmas Tree Soda, Egg Nog Soda and Sugar Plum Soda.

Sounds nutty? Don't knock it 'till you've served it! Mom will LOVE the colorful bottles and the holiday theme. And look at it this way...worst case scenario, she re-gifts it for one of her co-workers later in the month!

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