Thursday, November 1, 2007

Coke or Coors? Soda or Beer?

Soda Is Good acknowledges that sometimes we grown ups want a beer.

Sure, many are 'fizzy' like a soda...and yeah, they make you Burp.
But let's face it...a Beer is not a Soda.

Some beers are NOT fuzzy, and yet they still qualify as a 'good' beer.
As a SodaGuy, I say 'bleaughghg'.

Some beers are to be drunk room temperature.
Ever drink a room-temperature Soda?
As a SodaGuy, I say 'YEUCHCH'.

Some beers are dark, and some are light.
Some Sodas are dark (cola) and some are light (Lemon lime)
As a SodaGuy, I say "Root Beer, Birch Beer, Light Beer...can't we all just get along?"

Most beers, when poured, have a 'head' on them..the frothy, foamy stuff that makes a mustache on you when you try to take a sip. My Mom's boyfriend insists that this is the best part of the beer, and guys who pour a beer on an 'angle' to avoid the froth are wussies.

As a SodaGuy, I say, Stuff it, Stan. I don't need a beer mustache to be a man. After all, I have a goatee!

All this being said, there is a great place to rate your favorite beers and a great place to rate your favorite sodas:

Discuss and rate Beer here. (this is a cool site, and the logo is so life-like that it makes me thirsty every time I go there! Visitors beware, Jay knows you like beer!)

Discuss and rate Soda here. (this is a fun site, and if anyone is egging Coke and Pepsi to walk out into the street with their knives and guns drawn, it's them!)

By the way, the answer to my earlier question is "YES...we all CAN just get along!"

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