Monday, November 26, 2007

1 part Coke, 3 part Dr. Pepper, 1 part Football

Burger King for lunch today. The one in my town is slow to update their signage, so the soda machines still have these goofy 'recipe suggestions' of what sodas to mix together to create anew flavor.

Yeah, like my 6 year old nieces haven't thought of that already.

But here is a suggestion that i have likely overlooked all these months: 1 part Dr. Pepper and 3 parts Coca Cola.

Hmmmmmmm...(slurrrp)........not bad.
Kinda' like a really sweet Cherry Coca Cola.
(By the Way, we have 4 cans left in the house. I gotta thank Jay Z for making this soda visible enough for me to find!)

So we're eating lunch, and we're talking Football.

Not sure if YOU watched any ball this weekend, but there were some great games.
In fact, many of the 'lower tier' games were VERY entertaining, and some expected 'blow outs'
turned out to be anything but! (My daughter's Philadelphia Eagles fought the New England Patriots toe-to-toe!)

I was also proud to see my horrible Oakland Raiders fight back to win a game. IN CONFERENCE no less! About time, boys! In fact, between Oakland winning and Randy Moss accomplishing NOTHING against the Eagles, I had a Sunday worthy of a Rum and Coke...or at least a Pepsi with lime.

Drink Soda, watch football.

Buy sodas that have Football players on the can, here.

Read MORE about Soda here.

Be sure, tomorrow, to come back 'here'.

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