Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Difference between Pepsi and the Pope

There is a buzz abound as the announcement is made. The Pope is coming to New York in April of 2008. Perhaps this thrills you. To me, it's almost 6 months off...I'm still putting my Thannksgiving plans together. April of 2008 is like a millenium away in my book.

HOWEVER, a little research into what kind of soda the Pontiff prefers led me to this interesting tidbit.

Author Denise Duhamel, in her book Queen for a Day, writes a poem called The Difference betwen Pepsi and the Pope.

I wante to share a link wiht you that best describes the poem..but hte best site I found is really a review of a BUNCH of poems, with Duhamel's near the bottom. It's here.

If you don't want to read the whole page looking for the Pepis-and-Pope references, allow me to cut-and-paste some intersting facts for you:

(In) The Difference between Pepsi and Pope" tells about a flaw that Duhamel has in the right side of her vision:

so that often I get whole words at the end of sentences wrong
like when I first saw the title of David Lehman's poem"The Difference Between Pepsi and Coke" and I misread"Coke" for "Pope."
This blind spot makes me a terrible driver.

She admits that she prefers Coke, mostly because of the "wavy hyphen" that separates "Coca" from "Cola"

Her final analysis on the difference between Coca-Cola's rival and the Cheif of the Vatican?
Pepsi is bubbly and brown while the Pope is flat and white.
Pepsi doesn't have a big white hat. The Popecan't get rid of fender rust.
Pepsi is all for premarital sex.
The Pope won't stain your teeth.

I LOVE this Poet!!!!

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