Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mr. Jones (Soda) and the Seattle Seahawks (Football)

It appears that you can get Seahawks team photos on your favorite flavor of Jones Soda.
(See here!)

Now, of course, you'd have to be a fan Seattle Seahawks fan. (The GOOD news is that they are leading the NFC West. The BAD news is that they are 4-4. That's doesn't speak volumes about their indominable will).

Next, you'd have to be a fan of Jones Soda.
(15 flavors of BottledSoda. Canned Soda, too! 2 Energy Drinks - 1 called WHOOP ASS! 3 Natural Flavored Drinks. I can go on...but you should go see for yourself!)

So, if you are going to sit down and watch a Seattle Seahawks football game, why not do it with a bottle of Jones Soda in your hand? Heck, why not do it with a picture of your favorite player on the bottle?!

In fact, why not go nuts and get the Limted Edition Seahawks Collectors' Pack?!?!
After all, what kind of diehard fan ARE you?!

Jones is a fun soda, and the Seahawks need your support right now.
No, really, right now. Why aren't you calling four of your friends and telling THEM about Jones Soda?

And go easy on the Whoop Ass! You're gonna hurt somebody!

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