Sunday, November 11, 2007

MySpace brings you Diet Coke with Bacon

You never know who you will bump into on MySpace. Once in a while I can track down an old co-worker or friend from High School. I tried looking up some old ex-girlfriends, but it's just as well. They're probably 400 pounds now anyway...

But look who I found on MySpace today:
Sounds nutty? Contrived? Made up?
Go to Google and look up "Diet Coke with Bacon"
Over 11,000 entries!
LOTs of people are talking about Diet Coke with Bacon!
It's the taste of the new generation!


Anonymous said...

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AsiaVoss said...

Usually I reject the above as worthless SPAM...but since this article is about DIET Coke and BACON, Melinda's comments are actually Relevant!!!